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“I have been looking for a piece of art for some time now and all I can say is that Riccardo’s work is simply stunning. I am delighted to have found what I have been looking for on my doorstep not only in the beautiful locations of the photography but the artist who lives in my backyard. I have feeling Riccardo will have a long and successful career. My only decision now is – which one?” – Sue Saines

“Your work is truly inspirational. I can only dream that my photos will be half as good.” – Melissa

“Printouts I received are perfect, gorgeous! Probably some of the best I’ve received so far and I’m not making this up.” – EO Photos

“Very impressed with your web site and really love your work!” – DIANE E STRONG

“I have once again been viewing images on your website and continue to be amazed by the pulchritude within your photography. There is most certainly a spiritual transcendency in many of your images that takes you deeply but pleasurably into the unknown. The ability to record the power of nature, particularly that of the intangible, such as light and the luminosity that it creates, is most certainly a natural gift.”

“I am more convinced than ever that you are a naturally gifted photographer, possessing all of the passion, emotion, spirit and enthusiasm that is so evident in your work. No different to the naturally gifted sportsman, be it formula one drivers, top class athletes, footballers etc. Of course, they have to work hard to perfect their gifted abilities, in the same way that you have perfected your own gifted ability.”

“You are the inspiration to cultivate my photography skills from that of a manufactured photographer to one of a more natural kind. It will be a huge challenge if that can be achieved.” – Les Loosemore

“Riccardo, Jo, my partner is an artist. She is AMAZED by your work, as we both are. It is beautiful beyond belief. I wish you all the success in the world with your photographic work. So glad I came across your site. Will bookmark it and drop in on it from time to time.” – Sue Dyer

“I would just like to say that i love your work.I find your landscapes so refreshing.As a landscape photographer myself i aim for everything you achieve in your images.truly inspiring, and that is what its all about.”
Meirion Gittins

“It is more than obvious that your pursuit of purity and faith within your spirit and soul is irrepressible. You possess an insatiable appetite to demonstrate your deep (and often private feelings) through the medium of your gifted artistry. To the many, your privacy remains intact, however, your art is translated and conveyed with simplistic purity, that even the ignorant (without the knowledge of) can see. The depth of what can be seen is not visible through the eyes, it is what has been absorbed through the senses other that sight. It is the absorption of feeling that percolates the senses into submission of a superior force.

Riccardo, may I suggest that your conviction to the “calling” is not that you have “no choice” as reminded by Rumi. Indeed, you do have choice, that is to do what you do with freedom, desire and aspiration. This is reflected in the feeling that is transmitted into your work, which is a result of your volition. Your art would be devoid of all feeling if you had no choice. Choice is the right and ability to make up your own mind. We are rewarded by your “choice” to do what you do, from your heart and soul”. – Les Loosemore

“Remember the GLADIATOR!!
Now in Australia, I still have the artwork that you had displayed, the thick wooden frame did it more than enough justice. I am still mesmerised by the truancy and flow of each and every angle that I can look at this. The lifelike feeling of actually being there , the noise the speed the action, all captured in one unique painting. I can’t and still can’t work out how you painted it. Truly magnificent. So much work and photograph has come on an age with maturity. Until we see each other again Keep it up, life is a journey, let’s enjoy it and see it through the emphasis in your work”.

Richard Williams
Ferrari Fan
Old Friend

We met at Trostre Camera Club, I was sat next to you by the door.
Your website is impressive. You said you wanted to develop it further which you probably can. However, improve it, probably not. You are already there.
I think the single concept I came away from the Trostre CC macro presentation with; was that wherever you point your camera there is some aspect of beauty to be captured.
Robert Ephgrave

“Beautiful work my friend. I have to say that your work is awesome. You definitely have what it takes to become a great landscape photographer…Well let me rectify this You are already a great landscape photographer 🙂 Always keep the dream alive and follow your passion no matter what. Happy New Year.”

Patrick Di Fruscia

“I have just been looking at your website! As an ex professional Photographer I must say your work is very very good. Keep up the good work it was a pleasure to look at your photos”
Trevor Owen AMPA. ABIPP. ARPS.

“Your Photos are amazing. I do feel a bit like a Sunday league footballer to your David Beckham! Well done they are amazing”
Joseph Funtek

“The photographs are absolutely fantastic. True quality. Such a lovely way to remember a great event.
Many thanks indeed.”
Best Wishes

Hi Riccardo,

Well can you believe it has almost been a year since that very snowy day you made all our dreams come true with your superb photography of our wedding?
I have changed my name now- as you can see I am now a Fairfax, previously Christine Williams.
I am sending you this email as a bit of a check to see if you’re going to keep our photos on your website (and available to order) for a little while longer? My relatives haven’t gotten around to ordering yet. Or myself! Our walls need adorning with your wonderful work still.
I would also like to enquire about a parent album and how much that would cost please?
I’ll look forward to hearing from you Riccardo. I hope your first year in your new home has gone well.

Love and best wishes,
Christine and Andrew Fairfax

Thank you so much for sharing these! How talented you are! We love them all, you’ve captured the spirit of the team.
Kate and Ben (paddy) x

Riccardo, Thankyou so much for these amazing photos! It is so nice to see the other teams in action, when I wasn’t watching George I was being chief tea-lady/hot water monitor so I didn’t get to watch them, you have captured some great moments, thanks, laura et al