Riccardo Beghini

Photographer Profile

“A connection with the natural world, reaching far beyond just an interest.”

From a very young age, I always remember being an observer. From impressions of school teachers to a strange wish to become a TV camera man, Intrigued by the black edges framing a tv show more than the show itself, always an awareness of the capture, as much the captured. Initially this seemed to manifest itself through the craft of painting and illustration, and a growing and evolving fascination with the impression of the play of light on familiar things and maybe more so, Its emotional responses.

A connection with the natural world, reaching far beyond just an interest and the merging of this, with his a new found realization of the ability of film to capture such light and detail, was the very inevitable progression to landscape photography.

‘I was and still am, amazed by how natures infinite beauty can provide opportunity for such artful capture, feeling an almost greater buzz when allowing nature to provide for you, as opposed to the artists own personal interpretation…’

Having said that, the deeper I have explored photography, the less I can distinguish between the creative process of painting with a brush, or one with light’.

It’s the beauty and romance in all of us, that I Seek to translate back to the viewer, and myself. Something that maybe rises above the mundane, sending out both environmental and spiritual overtones. Only If My imagery achieves this, do I see it as a success.

Riccardo Beghini lives in Vale of Glamorgan, Corntown, Wales, United Kingdom.