By Riccardo Beghini


Why Choose Us?

If you are hiring a professional photographer to capture a day so special as your wedding, you will want to know that they can deliver something equally special in photographic terms, and how and why they claim they can achieve that.

Our experience and reputation for producing inspiring, evocative landscape photography, can bring a very unique flavour to your wedding.

Our images are conceived with an eye and feel for those transient, magic moments when light and subject is combined in such a way, that brings an extra dimension and meaning to the art of photography. Our reason and purpose to photograph anything comes from a strong desire to evoke something beyond a simple description of scene. It is our passion and our business to bring this vision and philosophy to your wedding. This means we are constantly seeking out these fleeting opportunities as second nature, to maximize the story and impact of how we capture your special day.



What am I paying for?

A Personal Service

A photographers style will be like a chefs signature dish, and is undoubtedly a fundamental part to governing your decision. Only you can be convinced if you like something.

Some people very much know what they want, and some only know it when they see it. This is the personal element of the photographer where you will want to feel you see a sensitivity and a creative empathy to the subject, this is where the images should speak for themselves.


Technical Expertise

It is insightful to understand the quality of the raw products such as the type of inks and paper along with the album they are presented and stored in.

Cheaper quality inks and paper do not possess the archival qualities that are designed to last a life time. Put simply, they will fade over time and loose their freshness and vitality. Curiously, although sunlight is a massive factor in contributing to image fade, we might assume that images protected in an album will not suffer this. On the contrary, even more so, are cheaper glues that are used in the construction of drawers, cupboards, and less quality albums, which are the biggest contaminator to image fade.

We know this is not an option for our clients, where only the best inks, papers, and albums combine to make this not an issue. The very best photographic equipment, along with good technique will mean that there are no technical limitations or restrictions to the quality of your photography.

We are passionate about prints as opposed to simply images on a screen. This is reflected in our commitment to ‘in house’ printing, where we are very keen not to pass this aspect of photography to a third party. Please refer to the, ‘print info’ option in the menu of this website, for more details and information.


How will the day go?

Our presence is intentionally subtle and discreet, a relationship that has proven to gain confidence and ease, translating to a freshness and integrity to the subject. Our emphasis is on observation rather than participation. Our emphasis of your day is essentially split into two main objectives.


Reportage Photography

A wedding is a very powerful and emotional day, you are all looking your best and many will be reuniting for the first time in a long time, while many for the first time ever. There is a mix of pressure and release, nerves and pure joy. These real moments, by their very nature, come about when you are not under the influence of the camera and being ordered around. Your photographer needs to not only have a keen eye for these moments, but know how to use them when they happen.

We are more than aware of how important this cocktail of scenarios must be allowed to play themselves out as they will, these are the parts of the day where the reportage style of photography is such a priceless value to your album. We spend our time being tuned into this, rather than trying to direct it. This further promotes the day to flow as it wants to, and when combined with an eye for mood and drama, allows us to flatter and inspire you in different and surprising ways.